I work with multiple professional groups in intensive care while leading activities that help in moving research from journal publications, conference proceedings, and best practices from other centres into the hands of people who can put to use at bedside. Measuring the impact of adopting such practices and sharing the lessons learnt during this process will be an important job of our team


Patient at risk trigger event huddles to improve neonatal outcomes (ParteNeo)
The focus of this project will be on improving delivery of effective, patient centered and safe care by multidisciplinary team in NICU. We aim for 80% of reported Patient At-Risk Trigger (PART) events in preterm infants in NICU will have Patient At-Risk Trigger event (PARTe) huddles at the bedside. Structured PARTe huddles, promotes a culture of awareness, collaborative learning, ownership and sensitivity for PARTe events among staff and overall promotes a culture of preparedness and safe care.

Care Bundle to Improve Oxygenation and Minimize desaturation Events in newborns (CBIOME)
CBIOME program had 5 interventions and was aimed at reducing the incidence of two neonatal morbidities including retinopathy of prematurity and bronchopulmonary dysplasia. This program was a combination of implementing evidence-informed practices, adoption of histogram technology, interprofessional education, and individualized patient care.

Resuscitation and Early Stabilization Improvement in Newborns (RESIN)
RESIN program had 7 evidence-informed practices and resulted in significant reduction in invasive ventilation (20%), umbilical catheter use (40%) and severity of illness during the first 4 days of life. As a part of this program, video recording during delivery room resuscitation was done for the first time in a Canadian centre.


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