Vaccine Hesitancy: How Do We Get More People Vaccinated and How Do We Deal With Misinformation?

The COVID-19 "infodemic" has brought widespread attention to the detrimental impact of misinformation on public health behaviours, including vaccine acceptance. Our information "ecosystem" has become polluted in many ways and with various types of bad information. Discover some major types of information "pollution" and what we can do about this on an individual, community, and political level. And become an active participant in the virtual classroom while we explore Kids Boost Immunity, a free online lesson on how to navigate the world of online information. You will learn about the practical strategies and techniques related to vaccine hesitancy, such as identifying tactics that make misinformation feel true, paying attention to how the news makes you feel, and when to "critically ignore" something online. For your efforts, you will earn real vaccines for children in another part of the world in support of UNICEF. Presented by Dr. Devon Greyson, Investigator, BC Children's Hospital; Assistant Professor, School of Population and Public Health, UBC. | Ian Roe, Content Strategist, BC Centre for Disease Control. (2023)
Researcher Devon Greyson