The Wasserman laboratory focuses on the creation, evaluation and application of computational methods for the analysis of genome sequences, with international strength in the study of cis-regulatory elements regulating gene expression. The lab creates widely used software and databases, performs applied analyses of genome sequences, and partners with diverse research teams on projects at the intersection of the computational and life sciences.

Genome Sequencing has disrupted health research. The lab has been developing computational methods and tools to allow researchers and clinicians to identify functional consequences of genetic variations within cis-regulatory elements such as transcription factor binding sites. Alterations in the TF bound DNA sequences can contribute causally to phenotypes, but much work remains to develop the essential computational methods to study them.

The lab studies gene regulation via multiple lines. First, the lab creates novel algorithms and software to predict interactions between TFs and DNA. Second, the lab collaborates internationally on the analysis of emerging data, such as the international FANTOM project. Third, the lab engages in the applied analysis of genomes for pediatric disorders. Such work is key to translating basic research advances into clinical impacts.


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Phylogenetic Footprinting
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Phylogenetic Footprinting
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Spread of X-chromosome inactivation
PubMed: 24158853


Applied Bioinformatics
At the CMMT we maintain a strong link between research and application. We work closely with our collaborators to impact human health. At present we are engineering regulatory sequences to direct gene expression selectively to target cells and tissues in the CanEuCre/Pleiades Promoter Project. With partners at BC Children’s Hospital, we are developing methods for efficient analysis of exome and genome sequences for children with genetic disorders.

Identification and Analysis of Sequences Regulating Transcription
Regulatory sequence analysis is complicated by a signal-to-noise problem. Transcription is regulated at one level by proteins that bind to short segments of DNA. These transcription factors activate or suppress gene activity by modulating the recruitment of RNA polymerase enzymes to the beginning of genes. As the target sequences for transcription factors are short, and transcription factors are tolerant of considerable variation in the sequences to which they bind, it is extremely difficult to distinguish functional binding sites in the vastness of the human genome.

Using high-throughput ChIP-Seq and chromatin property data, we are developing a new generation of bioinformatics methods for the identification of regulatory sequences. Our work is increasingly focused on coupling the regulatory region discrimination with the interpretation of mutations detected by whole genome sequencing.


Genome Canada Disruptive Innovations Grant

NSERC Discovery Grant

Genome Canada Silent Genomes Project

Honours & Awards

Career Investigator Award, Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (MSFHR), 2004-2009.

National Merit Scholar, National Merit Program, 1987-1988.

Valedictorian, James A. Garfield High School, Seattle, Washington, 1987.

UBC Killam Teaching Prize, 2013.

Cremer Scholar, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine, 1992-1996.

New Investigator Award, Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), 2004-2009.

Seattle 's Young Achiever of the Year / American Academy of Achievement Honoree, 1987.

Washington Scholar, Washington State Legislature, 1987-1991.

Basic Science Teaching Award, Department of Medical Genetics, University of British Columbia, 2011.

Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation Fellow, 1991-1992.

Paul Fowler Scholar, Washington State Legislature, 1987-1991.

Robert Byrd Scholar, United States Senate, 1987-1988.

Research Group Members

Alice Kaye
Wenqiang Shi
Jessica Lee
Allen Zhang
Xin (Cynthia) Ye
Phillip Richmond, PhD Candidate
Rachelle Farkas
Ahmad Shikib Mehri, Student
Coulter Beeson, Student
Oriol Fornés Crespo
Eric Lee, Undergraduate Student
Tamar Av-Shalom, Undergraduate Student
Robin van der Lee
William Qi, Student
German Novakovskiy
Kevin Zhang
Edwin Zhou
Owen Tsai
Lap-Tak Chu
Jessica Zhang
Danique van Vliet, Graduate Student
Taylor Lundy