Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a significant and growing public health problem. It is currently estimated that 13% of the adult population has CKD and it confers a 5-fold increased risk of premature cardiovascular disease and death. Those who survive long enough eventually require renal replacement therapy with dialysis or a kidney transplant. Many of the risk factors for CKD begin in childhood. a patient develops CKD, the pathological changes that worsen dysfunction are similar in all kidney diseases, and are characterized by a process of ongoing scarring or fibrosis. Despite tremendous progress in our understanding of the causes and consequences of CKD, effective therapies are unknown. Using experimental models of CKD, our studies are designed to investigate how specific cells and molecules mediate kidney fibrosis, with the ultimate goal of translating our findings into new human therapies.


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T32 DK07662 (Eddy PI). NIH/NRSA, Pediatric Nephrology Training Program, $274,895 current year. (2006-2016). The goal is to train academic pediatric nephrologists.

N/A (Okamura PI, Eddy Co-PI). Cystinosis Research Foundation, "Elucidating the Role of Cystinosin-Deficient Macrophages in Nephropathic Cystinosis", $218,966/2 years. (2011-2013). The goal of this project is to investigate the hypothesis that cystinosin deficiency leads to macrophage dysfunction that contributes to the pathogenesis of chronic kidney disease.

Pilot and Feasibility Grant (Eddy PI). Washington Global Health Alliance, Impact of Kidney Dysfunction on Mortality Rates in Ugandan Children Hospitalized with Acute Infections. $75,000. (2007-2010). The goal of this project is to establish a mechanism to evaluate renal function for children admitted to Mulago hospital with pneumonia, malaria and gastroenteritis and to determine the impact of renal failure on acute mortality rates.

Honours & Awards

Elected to the Council of the International Society of Pediatric Nephrology (1995-2001) and the International Society of Nephrology (2009-2015).

Scientific Program Committee Co-chair for triannual congresses on the International Society of Pediatric Nephrology in 1989, 2011 and 2013.

First recipient of The Robert O. Hickman Endowed Chair in Pediatric Nephrology, University of Washington (2007-2012).

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