BCCH BioBank Newsletter

  • Spring 2019 
    Read about the BioBank's latest work with the BRAVE study, PROFYLE, and a new Preemie BioBank.
  • Summer 2018
    Say goodbye to our manager, Tamsin Tarling, and learn about BioBank samples that are being used to help develop a new vaccine.
  • Fall 2017
    Learn how one mom took action to improve research participation. 
  • Spring, Summer 2017
    Learn why a family chose to donate their samples to BioBank, and how banked samples are being used for rheumatic diseases research. 
  • Summer 2016
    Read about the BioBank's newest helper, the Hamilton StarLET, and meet Sarah Gray, Parent and Biobank Advocate.
  • Spring 2016
    Learn how biobanking helps families find meaning in the meaningless and meet Thyrza May Toledo, a Masters Student at the BioBank.
  • Winter 2015
    Read about how BioBank's fuel medical research and watch a new video that explains biobanking to children.