My area of interest is pediatric gastrointestinal complications, including examining current medical practices within Pediatric Gastroenterology. My main research focuses on using clinical trials and databases to increase understanding, improving methods of patient care, and evaluating whether alternative options of establishing diagnoses or care would be as, or more, efficacious and cost-effective as the care currently being given. Under these directives, a database project on GI complications in oncology patients is being completed. As well, alternative approaches for investigating celiac disease in order to streamline the process of its detection and diagnosis for both the patient and medical system are being researched. Concurrently, we are developing a project to analyze the effects of low body mass index for patients undergoing bone marrow transplants in order to see if this adversely affects their clinical outcomes. Finally, in collaboration with Dr. Rick Schreiber, a nation-wide study designed to look at the experience of patients with biliary artesia throughout Canada is being created.


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Current Projects
The assessment of pediatric oncology patients for gastrointestinal complications and how to minimize these complications in this patient population by using databases to identify risk factors for adverse outcomes and recommendations to minimize these risk factors for future patients. Looking specifically at low body mass index and outcomes post stem cell transplantation. Assessment of the prevalence of lactose intolerance post stem cell transplantation and associated complications.

Examination of current medical practices within the pediatric gastroenterology division and using linked databases and prospective clinical trials to evaluate whether alternative options of establishing diagnoses or care would be as or more efficacious and cost-effective as the care is currently being given. Looking specifically at celiac disease and the screening TTG antibody test.

Research Group Members

Deborah Finlay, Admin Assistant, Gastroenterology