Our broadly-based, comprehensive program in pediatric oncology research is built on a solid foundation of success.

Achievements include:

  • $10 million in research grants and funding  
  • Three scientists recently recruited to the site
  • 186 publications from primary members over the last five years and 89 from secondary members for a total of 275 (55 publications per year)  
  • Several clinicians with expertise and interest in research recently recruited to BC Children's Hospital, an agency of the Provincial Health Services Authority 
  • 68 fellows, students and other trainees given comprehensive training opportunities in research 
  • Phase II and III clinical trials undertaken, with over 600 patients currently registered in studies 
  • On-site, local, provincial, national and international collaborations
  • Invitations to address and organize international meetings 
  • Nine patents written 
  • Numerous collaborations with industry, particularly in the area of drugs acting on proteins found to be potential targets for therapy in pediatric oncology 
  • Both representation on and leadership for numerous international committees involved in articulating strategies for childhood cancer basic, translational and clinical research