My research focuses on two areas, the first being type 1 diabetes in children. I have worked with survey data to better understand the challenges and barriers faced by children with type 1 diabetes and their caregivers. I am also part of a team working to better understand the quality of care provided to children and youth with type 1 diabetes in British Columbia, using administrative (health system) data. My second area of focus is evaluating the quality of care provided to gender-diverse children and youth at BC Children’s Hospital. The results will inform ongoing quality improvement initiatives, focused on reducing wait times and improving patients’ and caregivers’ satisfaction with care.


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Reducing wait times while maintaining or increasing patient and caregiver satisfaction with intake appointments at the BC Children’s Hospital Gender Clinic
This is a quality improvement project aimed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the intake process for the Gender Clinic. This project is funded by the Hudson Scholars Program.

Quality of pediatric diabetes care in British Columbia
This research study is using health administrative data to evaluate the quality of care for pediatric type 1 diabetes in BC, and its relationship to clinical outcomes.

Honours & Awards

Hudson Scholar, Quality Improvement Salary Award, 2020-2022

Junior Faculty Travel Award, Endocrine Society, 2020

Laura McRae Award, Best Subspecialty Resident/Fellow at BC Children's Hospital, 2018

University of British Columbia Department of Pediatrics Annual Research Competition, 1st Prize Fellows Competition, 2018

Social Accountability and Community Engagement Initiative Award, University of British Columbia , 2011

Research Group Members

Megan Bobetsis, Research Project Assistant