My research is primarily involved in the development, prevention and treatment of type 1 (insulin-dependent or juvenile-onset) diabetes.

I am an investigator in several multicenter clinical trials involved in preventing type 1 diabetes. In addition, I collaborate with basic-science researchers from the BC Research Institute and from the The Centre of Human Islet Transplant and Beta Cell Regeneration at VGH, helping provide clinical material (most commonly, blood samples) for their research.

I also maintain our Division's large website providing resources for families of children with diabetes and other endocrine disorders, and for the professionals caring for these patients.

Most recently, working with local and provincial resources, I have helped initiate an endocrine treatment program for transgendered youth.


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Current Project
I am currently involved in two multicenter trials involved with either the prevention or the early treatment of type 1 diabetes: the Diabetes TrialNet and the TRIGR (Trial to Reduce IDDM in the Genetically at Risk).

I also work closely with basic-science researchers at BCRI and at The Centre of Human Islet Transplant and Beta Cell Regeneration at VGH on an variety of studies related to the various immunological processes involved in the development of type 1 diabetes in humans.

Finally, I am a co-investigator in research evaluating a comprehensive provincial health care model for children with diabetes using existing population databases.

Honours & Awards

Outstanding Achievement Award, Canadian Diabetes Association — 2003

Family-Centred Care Award of Distinction, BCCH Partners in Care — 2003

The Noni MacDonald Award, Canadian Pediatric Society — 2014

Research Group Members

Karnjit Sarai, Volunteer