My interest is in improving care for critically ill children mainly with respiratory problems and utilizing emerging technologies.

I have managed an international discussion forum for health care professionals interested in pediatric lung diseases for 20 years.

I am developing mobile applications to improve the prescribing of drugs for children.

I am working on improving in-hospital care of children using standardized tools to provide early warning of changes in their conditions so that they can be treated before they deteriorate.

I have also utilized technology to provide access for children to simple diagnostic tests (oximetry) in their home to assess breathing disorders during sleep and in the developing world to provide access to oximetry in the diagnosis of pneumonia.


The use of early warning systems to prevent deterioration in hospitalized children
Children admitted to hospital occasionally deteriorate quickly requiring admission to the intensive care unit. In my work with the Canadian Critical Care Trials Group, I have been involved in a multicenter trail evaluating a standardized tool to provide an early warning of deterioration in hospitalized children. The current trial is evaluating this in tertiary Pediatric hospitals, but we are hoping to test it in a regional setting in all levels of hospitals.

The development and use of a cell phone application to improve the prescribing of drugs
As part of our quality assurance process in the intensive care unit it was clear that in this complex environment, drug errors are a common problem. Easy access for all health care professionals to standard resources for prescribing and checking drugs was not available. We are therefore developing a mobile computing application to standardize prescribing of drugs and will test the effect of this, hoping to reduce the number of errors in drug administration in the intensive care unit.


Young Traumatic Brain Injury Study $60,000 May 2008 - January 2010 A. Guerguerian (PI) D. Wensley (Local PI)

Calfactant for Acute Lung Injury $100,000 April 2008 - April 2010 D. Willson (PI) D. Wensley (Local PI)

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