Dr. Kieran's area of particular research interest is the care of newborns with medical complexity, who have prolonged admissions to the NICU, and babies who are technology dependent at time of going home.


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Coached, Coordinated, Enhanced Neonatal Transition (CCENT)
A multi-centre mixed-methods pragmatic randomized controlled trial: Research results are part of a multi-center collaboration and contribute to the goals of the Child Bright Network to demonstrate the effectiveness of strategies to improve short- and long-term outcomes of children with disability.

Strengthening care for infants with complex medical needs during the transition from the NICU to community care
The overarching goal of this project is to spark action among stakeholders about how to implement the best practices for transitioning children with complex care needs from the newborn to early childhood period.


Child Health Initiatives Limiting Disability – Brain Research Improving Growth and Health Trajectories”

Medical Staff Engagement and Workplace Improvements Health Authority Engagement


Research Group Members

Mimi Kuan, Research Coordinator
Nicole Loewen