I have endeavoured to provide mentorship to medical students at UBC, and particularly to foster students who are interested in surgical careers. For all of my time at UBC I have participated in the undergraduate mentor program, serving as a designated mentor for eight medical students. From 1999 to 2001 I organized and supervised the “OR Lounge”, a series of informal evening talks about surgical careers for first and second year medical students. I also assigned all first year students to spend a day with a surgeon in the operating room. In addition I offer students the opportunity to spend time with me in the operating room during the week and on weekends when I am on call.

In addition to my academic activities I maintain a clinical practice in pediatric general surgery at BC Children’s Hospital. This includes both elective and emergency referrals of babies and children from across the province, including on call coverage on a one in four basis.

I am committed to sharing surgical knowledge with physicians throughout the world. I have worked as a surgeon and teacher in Sri Lanka, China and Uganda. My work in Gulu, a community in northern Uganda, was part of a pilot project by the Canadian Association of General Surgeons to develop a site where interested Canadian surgeons could work on an ongoing basis to help provide surgical service and education to the local medical community.


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Current Projects
As Assistant Dean in Postgraduate Medicine I have played a central role in planning the doubling of the number of residents at UBC (as outlined in a 2008 publication in the BC Medical Journal). Currently there are about 230 new residents per year. I am also involved in working with residency programs and distributed training sites to foster resident rotations throughout the province. I recently published a paper with Drs. Rungta and Sivertz (the two Associate Deans) on our experience thus far with resident distribution. Finally, I am leading an initiative to develop a strategy for the Faculty of Medicine around patient simulation in medical education and evaluation.

Honours & Awards

Children’s and Women’s Health Centre Family Centred Care Award - 2005

Children’s and Women’s Health Centre Family Centred Care Award - 2004