Business in Vancouver Digital Health September 2019 coverHealing the Vulnerable
Business in Vancouver, Digital Health - September 2019

Dr. Ran Goldman was recently featured in the first issue of Business in Vancouver's Digital Health, which examines the leadership of BC in the digital health sector.  

Dr. Goldman is helping to revolutionize healthcare for children in BC by studying the use of virtual reality (VR) to distract young patients during painful medical procedures.  

"The fact that you can take these children to a digital world, a different place, has been so successful... Now, children and their doctors are requesting virtual reality, and we are seeing much less anxiety and pain in children."

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Dr. Ran Goldman - CBC News - The NationalThe Fix
CBC News - The National - March 8, 2019

Dr. Ran Goldman recently spoke to CBC News - The National on how VR may be a fix for future ER visits. "Virtual reality is extremely beneficial to patients, especially children," said Dr. Ran Goldman. "They get distracted, and it reduces their level anxiety, as well as pain."



VR in the ERVR in the ER puts pediatric patients at ease
Fraser Health – December 3, 2018

“Our dream is for kids not to be afraid when they visit the ER," said Dr. Amir Behboudi. "There are simple things we can do to completely change the way they react to pain and to the hospital. We can take their attention away from the pain with VR.” 

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Doctors using VR in the ERDoctors using VR in the ER
 Global BC – December 3, 2018

Dr. Amir Behboudi explains how using virtual reality in the ER helps make visits to the hospital less scary for kids. 

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