My area of research is congenital heart disease. The focus is a) the use of echocardiography to assess cardiac and vascular function with and without exercise and also b) fetal echocardiography.


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Current Projects
Structure and function of the heart can be examined using ultrasound. My interest lies in using the latest ultrasound to characterize the heart’s ability to pump and to fill. This work attempts to accurately assess and diagnose abnormalities of function early, and to compare the results of different types of medical and surgical treatment to evaluate outcome. Our laboratory has been a pioneer in the simplification of non-invasive methods of assessing heart function and we have also developed a new technique to quantify the properties of the major blood vessels coming from the heart to see whether these are diseased or healthy. We are also examining the interaction of heart function with the properties of the blood vessels to see how efficient the heart and circulation are. These types of studies are of importance in patients who have some compromise of cardiac function, so that therapy may be optimised to enable the heart to work most efficiently.

Our laboratory has devised a technique whereby the heart can be imaged with ultrasound during exercise and with this technique are able to obtain indexes of cardiac function, cardiac output and examine the heart muscle contractility using stage exercise. This technique is unique and has been extremely useful in assessing the cardiac reserve in patients for whom decisions have to be made with regard to surgery, continuing potentially cardiotoxic medications and assessing the effects of these. This has been found very helpful in situations where the examination of the heart at rest has not provided enough information about the potential heart to do exercise. In addition, this technique has been very helpful in unmasking a partial blockage in blood vessels whereby exercise increased the cardiac output and has demonstrated a significant degree of obstruction that is not apparent in the resting state. We have undertaken some of this work for the Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program.

The antenatal diagnosis of congenital heart disease continues to develop and we have been one of the first centers to institute a fetal cardiac diagnosis program. This is unique in that it integrates perinatology and the fetal diagnosis program, which help in the management of these difficult situations. In addition to evaluating the accuracy of this technique, we have also examined issues of outcomes, population statistics and just as importantly, a qualitative study of such diagnoses. We have also started to use an adaptation of the technique of assessment of the vascular properties by ultrasound (alluded to in the previous paragraphs) to attempt to assess fetal circulatory health, and we hope that this test will give us further insights into placental insufficiency and perhaps an earlier diagnosis of such problems.