We are pleased to congratulate the BC Children's and BC Women's investigators who were awarded funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Project Grant Spring 2018 competition, as well as the BC Children's investigators who received funding from the recent CIHR Foundation and Team Grant competitions.

Our research community received more than $4.9 million in new grants and awards through the Project Grant competition. In the Foundation and Team Grant competitions, our investigators were awarded more than $2.5 million. 

The majority of investigators who were successful in these competitions benefited from the expertise of Dr. Dawn McArthur, Director, Research & Technology Development and the Research & Technology Development Office (RTDO) team. On behalf of BCCHR, we would like to thank the RTDO's Dr. Tamara English, Ms. Amber Hui, Ms. Rita Jekabsons, Ms. Meisan Brown-Lum and Ms. Marissa Gibbard for their commitment and support.

Congratulations Project Grant Recipients:

Dr. Rajavel Elango – Healthy Starts – Project: "Innovative approaches to the lack of evidence-based dietary energy and protein requirements for patients with cancer." Co-principal Investigator: Dr. Carla Prado (University of Alberta). $554,626 / 5 years.

Dr. Ruth E. Grunau and Dr. Steven P. Miller – Brain, Behaviour & Development – Project: "Stress, Brain and Neurodevelopment in Children Born Preterm." BCCHR Co-investigators: Dr. Bruce BjornsonDr. Rollin BrantDr. Anne R. SynnesDr. Joanne Weinberg. $872,101 / 4 years.

Dr. Kevin Harris, Dr. George Sandor  and Dr. Cornelis C. van Breemen – Evidence to Innovation, Childhood Diseases and Brain, Behaviour & Development – Project: "The role of endothelial function in the pathogenesis and management of Marfan syndrome-associated aortic disease." $669,376 / 5 years.

Dr. Karin Humphries – Women's Health Research Institute – Project: "hs cTn - Optimizing the Diagnosis of Acute Myocardial Infarction/Injury in Women (CODE-MI)." $1,656,226 / 5 years.

Dr. Crystal Karakochuk – Healthy Starts – Project: "Is iron supplementation harmful in populations where iron deficiency is not the cause of anemia? A 12-week randomized controlled supplementation trial in Cambodia." BCCHR Co-investigators: Dr. Angela Devlin and Dr. David Goldfarb. $187,424 / 3 years.

Dr. Blair Leavitt – Brain, Behaviour & Development – Project: "Development, characterization and treatment of a novel conditional mouse model of pyridoxine-dependent epileptic encephalopathy caused by antiquitin mutations." $100,000 / 1 year (Bridge Grant).

Dr. Tonia Nicholls (Co-investigator) – Brain, Behaviour & Development – Project: "Women, Victimization, and Homelessness: Towards a conceptual model to advance trauma- and violence-informed research, policy and practice." Principal Investigators: Dr. Charles J. Frankish (UBC) and Janice Abbott (Altira Women's Resource Society). $68,850 / 1 year.

Dr. Wendy V. Norman – Healthy Starts – Project: "The CART Canadian NP mifepristone implementation study." $481,950 / 3 years.

Dr. Elizabeth M. Simpson – Brain, Behaviour & Development – Project: “Gene Therapy to Prevent Blindness in patients with Congenital Aniridia.” BCCHR Co-investigator: Dr. Julie Robillard. $906,526 / 5 years.

Dr. Manish Sadarangani (Co-investigator) – Healthy Starts – Project: "Impact of maternal pertussis immunization on pregnancy outcome and child health." Principal Investigators: Dr. Deshanye Fell (University of Ottawa), and Dr. Shelly B. Bolotin and Dr. Natasha Crowcroft (University of Toronto). $336,600 / 3 years.

Dr. Bruce Vallance – Childhood Diseases – "SIGIRR: Preserving Gut Defense by Suppressing Epithelial TLR/IL-1R Signaling." $994,500 / 5 years.

Congratulations Foundation & Team Grant Recipients:

Dr. Kirk Schultz – Childhood Diseases – Project: "Correlative Studies to Improve Blood and Marrow Transplantation and Leukemia Immunotherapy in Children." $1,157,474 / 7 years (Foundation Grant).

Dr. Megan Levings – Childhood Diseases – Project: "Canadian Autoimmunity Standardization Core (CAN-ASC)." BCCHR Co-investigators: Dr. Jan P. DutzDr. Stuart Turvey and Dr. Suzanne Vercauteren. $1,500,000 / 5 years (Team Grant).