Dr. Crystal Karakochuk is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems at UBC. Her research program focuses on the links of nutritional status and anemia, including the role of nutritional supplementation and of hemoglobinopathies in children, women, and families in Canada and globally.

Her team performs comprehensive measurement and interpretation of indicators of anemia (hematological and nutritional biomarkers) and genetic polymorphisms associated with hemoglobin in individuals, families, and populations. She also studies the benefits and potential harms of nutrition supplementation policies and programs designed to treat anemia, including untargeted iron and folic acid supplementation in women and children globally.

Dr. Karakochuk's research program combines two distinct fields of research – nutrition and hematology. This program brings together clinicians, researchers, and policy makers to advance and apply knowledge in nutritional hematology. Dr. Karakochuk’s research program addresses two key objectives:

-To improve diagnostic methods and investigate new biomarkers for anemia and iron deficiency for individual- and population-level assessment

-To evaluate the risk-benefit of Canadian and global micronutrient supplementation policies to advance clinical practice and to inform safe, effective nutrition therapy worldwide


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Canadian Foundation for Innovation John R. Evans Leaders Fund. The Nutritional Hematology (NUTRI-HEME) Laboratory at UBC. $125,000.

BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute - Healthy Starts Catalyst Grant.Is natural folate as effective as synthetic folic acid in increasing plasma and red blood cell folate concentrations during pregnancy? A proof-of-concept pilot study. $40,000.

International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI North America) Future Leader Award. Investigating the potential risk of iron supplementation in Cambodian women. $30,000 USD.

CIHR Project Grant 2018

Is iron supplementation harmful in populations where iron deficiency is not the cause of anemia? A 12 week RCT in Cambodia. $187,424.

The Thrasher Research Fund Early Career Award 2018. High-dose folic acid supplementation in sickle cell disease

Friend or foe? $26,750 USD.

Honours & Awards

2018, International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI North America) Future Leader Award.

2015, Emerging Leaders in Nutrition Science Poster Competition Award, sponsored by the Global Nutrition Council of the American Society of Nutrition

2016, Outstanding Achievements for a Doctoral Candidate Award, BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute, Vancouver, Canada.

2016, Early Career Award for Contribution to Alleviation of Micronutrient Malnutrition International Life Sciences Institute.

Research Group Members

Kelsey Cochrane, Masters Student
Emma Finlayson-Trick
Jordie Fischer, Masters Student
Kaitlyn Samson, Masters Student
Brock Williams, Doctoral Student, Clinical Dietitian