Dr. Goldfarb’s current research focuses primarily on novel diagnostic,management and prevention strategies for pediatric infectious disease in resource limited settings.


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Index of suspicion.
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Case 2: Newborn with jaundice and "hyperglycemia"
Paediatrics and Child Health


Gastrointestinal Infections in the Arctic
Nunavut has an unusually high infection rate of cryptosporidium, a parasite that causes abdominal cramps and diarrhea. Children in the region are particularly impacted by these infections. When coupled with malnutrition, the parasite could affect early brain development. I am involved in a registry aimed at documenting enteric infections in the Canadian Arctic and am also leading a prospective study to investigate outcomes of pediatric cryptosporidium infections in Northern communities.

Improving Neonatal Care in Malawi
Malawi has the highest preterm delivery rate (18%) in the world. Inadequate newborn care at the facility level, particularly care of preterm infants, has resulted in an unacceptably high neonatal mortality rate in Malawi. I am a co-principal investigator on a project aimed at implementing various simple, life-saving, evidence-based interventions into routine clinical practice at Malawi hospitals.We hope that our program will result in reduced neonatal mortality and that our knowledge can be applied to other sub-saharan countries.

Point of Care Testing of Gastroenteritis in Botswana:
I am leading a team of collaborators from the University of Pennsylvania, University of Botswana and McMaster that plans to design an innovative, user- and patient-friendly sample collection method that will allow for point of care testing for gastroenteritis. Combined with more recent, highly sensitive detection techniques, this work could have immediate impact in much of the world where diarrheal disease remains deadly and for the large part undiagnosed.


2015 Apr - 2018 Mar. Yansouni, C (PI), Goldfarb, DM (co-PI), Diarrheal Illness and Enteric Infections Among Young Children in Nunavik and Nunavut, ArcticNet PhaseIV, Research - $120,000 (awarded)

2015 Apr - 2020 Mar. Dube, Q (PI), Goldfarb, DM (co-PI), Integrating a Neonatal Health Care Package in Malawi, International Development Research Centre/CIHR - $1,000,000 (awarded)

2015 Jan - 2016 Jan. Goldfarb DM (PI), Building an Arctic Enteric Infections Research Agenda. Canadian Institutes of Health Research Planning and Dissemination Grant, $12,000

Honours & Awards

2008 University of Ottawa, Dept of Pathology & Lab Medicine Annual Research Day - 2nd prize

2008 Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Popham Fellowship

2008 Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute, Best Sub-specialty Resident Presentation

Research Group Members

Haya Abuzuluf
Bronwyn Barker
Abdullah Hafeez, Clinical Trainee
Margaret Mokomane, Doctoral student
Moses Vurayai, Master's student
Celia Walker, Research Assistant
Emilia de Melo, Master's student