As an academic pediatric cardiologist, I am interested in optimizing outcomes for all children with cardiovascular disease. My research program ranges from preventive cardiology – where we evaluate and promote physical activity in children with congenital and non-congenital cardiovascular disease – to interventional pediatric cardiology– where we are interested in optimizing outcomes of interventional cardiac catheterizations and pediatric cardiac surgery.

I currently serve as President of the Canadian Pediatric Cardiology Association and am also a member of the Canadian Hypertension Education Program, where I lead the development of the inaugural Guidelines for Blood Pressure Measurement, Diagnosis, and Assessment of Risk of Pediatric Hypertension.


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Interventional Pediatric Cardiology
Through collaborations with cardiac surgery and cardiac anesthesia we aim to optimize care delivery before, during and after interventional procedures for children with congenital heart disease and cardiac transplant recipients. We are currently evaluating the clinical impact of a new high resolution intravascular imaging technique called ‘Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)’. We have successfully established an International Pediatric OCT Registry and the Children’s Heart Centre serves as the lead centre, and hosts both the core imaging laboratory and data coordinating centre for evaluating this exciting new imaging modality in children and adolescents.

Cardiovascular outcomes
I am interested in the childhood origins of non-congenital cardiovascular disease. We previously found that at-risk children – for example, individuals with obesity or congenital heart disease – have significant cardiovascular changes already in childhood, such as aortic stiffness and elevated blood pressure. We are presently conducting interventional and longitudinal observational studies to evaluate the impact of physical activity and exercise on cardiovascular health in these children.

Vascular health is also a concern in children who have had Kawasaki disease. I am actively involved in evaluating the coronary artery changes in children with Kawasaki disease. I serve as the site PI for a North American collaboration evaluating the long-term outcomes of coronary aneurysms in children with KD.

Preventive Cardiology
Physical activity is critical to optimize long-term cardiovascular health in children with congenital and non-congenital heart disease. We use state-of-the-art measurement tools and new technologies, such as commercial activity trackers, to better understand and promote physical activity levels in our patients. My research in this area also investigates perceived barriers and facilitators for physical activity in these children and their parents.

Honours & Awards

Resident Research Mentor Award, Department of Pediatrics, BC Children’s Hospital, University of British Columbia (2015)

Young Investigator Award, Canadian Cardiovascular Society (2013)

UBC Fellow Research Award, Department of Pediatrics, BC Children’s Hospital, University of British Columbia (2011)

Research Group Members

Christine Voss
Adrija Chakrabarti, Undergraduate Student
Erica Bennett
Sabine Laguë
Nicole Hemphill, Research Assistant
Jimmy Lopez
Monica Lai
Mimi Kuan, Master's Student
Ana Pozas