The Histology Core Lab provides:

  • High-quality tissue processing, paraffin embedding, sectioning, and staining
  • Training on core lab equipment (e.g., microtome, paraffin embedder) 
  • Protocol optimization and troubleshooting

The Histology Core Lab services are performed by trained histology technicians, offering a wealth of pathology knowledge to the research community. 

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Getting Started

1. BCCHR Core Technologies and Services welcomes all new users. Please ensure to register on the Calpendo Online Booking System to create a user profile.

2. First-time users must submit billing info on a secure Grant Authorization Form to If you have any questions about this form, please speak to someone in your lab who has filled one out earlier or send your questions to

3. Once the account is approved, a user can log in and access the resource calendars to book equipment for use with assistance from a core staff. 

4. If you wish to receive training to use the equipment unassisted, you will have to complete the full training process, which includes the following steps:

  • Review and complete the Onboarding Form-Core Technologies: This form will ask you to review the links to all the necessary UBC safety training procedures and policies and safety policies for access to the BCCHR Core Technologies.  Secondly, this form will ensure that anyone interested in unassisted access to the BCCHR Core Facilities has received approval from their supervisor(s) to receive training on select equipment. We suggest you review this form with your supervisor(s) and discuss which equipment training will be of benefit to you throughout the course of your time at BCCHR so you can select the respective equipment at one time.  Once you have completed both sections of the form and it has been signed,  please send it to and the respective facility manager(s) to arrange a training session.

5. After receiving training on the equipment in the respective core, please email a completed and signed copy of the training record to and the respective facility manager. The Core Technologies team will then update the record in Calpendo, so self-serve bookings are permitted for the equipment you have been trained on.  

6. Please report any equipment failure or technical issues in Calpendo using the "Technical problem" feature integrated into the booking form. The instructions can be found here: Technical Problem Reporting Process


Emergency Contacts

Onboarding Form - Core Technologies

BCCHR Core Technologies and Services - User Expectations


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Training Sessions

Please contact staff directly for booking training or consultation sessions at


Please contact the Histology Lab by email or phone 604-875-2000 x 5699 for further information.