My research is focused on children who have lost a significant amount of their intestine or whose intestines do not function properly. Often these children have difficulty gaining weight and reaching their growth potential. I am interested in determining how changes to the community gut bacteria in these children can impact their growth and metabolism. Ultimately, I want to find treatments to restore a healthy balance of gut bacteria in these children in order to improve intestinal function, overall nutrition, and growth. I am also interested in determining how changes to the gut bacteria impact the body's immune system and overall level of inflammation potentially predisposing children with intestinal failure to infection, liver disease, and blood clots.


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Current Projects
I am currently conducting a study investigating the use of probiotics as a means to predictably alter the gut microbiota in children with intestinal failure and poor growth. It is unclear whether taking oral probiotics is an effective way to restore balance to the gut bacteria given that many of these patients have rapid intestinal transit and difficulty with absorption. Ultimately, if probiotics prove efficacious, a larger study can be performed to determine the type and duration of therapy that would be most effective.

I am also involved in a study looking at how the gut microbiota contribute to inflammation in the liver of children with intestinal failure who are dependent on intravenous nutrition (parenteral nutrition). It is well known that some children on prolonged parenteral nutrition develop significant hepatic cholestasis and inflammation but the exact etiology of this is not completely understood. Episodes of sepsis, prematurity, the lack of enteral nutrition, and certain components of the parenteral nutrition are all thought to contribute. Recently, there has been evidence to suggest that the intestinal microbiota may also contribute to hepatic inflammation. In this study, I am trying to correlate the abundance of certain species of intestinal bacteria with abnormal hepatic metabolism of propionate (a short chain fatty acid) in children with short bowel syndrome.

Another study I am participating in involves determining if children with short bowel syndrome are predisposed to central venous thrombosis. These children frequently require long-term parenteral nutrition necessitating a functional central venous catheter. Unfortunately, they seem to have an increased incidence of central venous thrombosis compared to other patient groups. A preliminary study that I conducted identified a high incidence of acquired thrombophilia in these children due likely to both systemic inflammation and underlying compromised liver function. I am currently studying the best way to prevent venous thrombosis in these patients including screening and potential anticoagulation.


"Targeted probiotic therapy to improve the gut microbiota and growth in children with short bowel syndrome"; ASPEN Rhoads Foundation Grant; 1/2017- 1/2018.

"Role of intestial microbiota in children with intestinal failure and bacterial overgrowth"; APSA Foundation Grant; 7/2014- 7/2015.

"The role of the intestinal microbiota in the development of cholestatic liver disease in infants with short bowel syndrome"; Discovery Fund Grant; 1/2016- 1/2017.

Honours & Awards

Gut Microbiota Dysbiosis is Associated with Poor Growth in Children with Show Bowel Syndrome; 2015- 2017.

Provider of the Month Award for the provider who best fulfills the hospital mission; Children's Medical Center, Dallas, Texas; 2016.

Poster with Distinction, International Pediatric Intestinal Failure and Rehabilitation Symposium; 2016.