My research focus is medication use and pharmacy practice. I am involved in studies and quality assurance projects looking at the safety and effectiveness of our current treatment protocols. I am also interested in how pharmacists can best provide care for hospitalized children. My pharmacy practice in pediatric emergency medicine allows me to identify clinical problems that can be developed as research questions.


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Current Projects
Impact of Dexamethasone Dosing on Asthma Outcomes in the Pediatric Emergency Department – This retrospective cohort study will review the emergency department management of children with asthma over a 2 year period. We are interested to know if there is any difference between two different dosing regimens for dexamethasone, a steroid used in the acute management of asthma.

Patient and Caregiver Self-Referral to Clinical Pharmacists in the Pediatric Setting – Pharmacists play a significant role in patient care, both in the community and the hospital setting. In the community, pharmacists are easily accessible to patients; however in the hospital, patients may be unaware that a pharmacist is part of their healthcare team. For this study, we plan to develop and pilot a program that will allow hospitalized patients and their caregivers to self-refer to their clinical pharmacist.

Pharmacist Assessment of Health Literacy in Children and Caregivers – As part of this study, pharmacists assessed health literacy as part of their routine clinical practice. They trialed four different health literacy assessment tools in children and caregivers. We surveyed pharmacists to determine which tool they preferred and how feasible it would be for them to assess health literacy in routine practice.

Honours & Awards

Pharmacotherapy Best Practices Award (2013) for

The Safety and Effectiveness of Dexmedetomidine in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (SAD-PICU), Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacy