Dr. Janet Mah is a clinical child psychologist and research lead of the Provincial ADHD Program of BC Children’s Hospital, and is part of the psychiatry clinical faculty at the University of British Columbia. Her clinical and translational research focuses on innovative psychosocial interventions for ADHD, social-cognitions related to engagement and adherence, and mental health literacy and stigma among cultural groups.


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Current Projects
ADHD Research Database

Current Projects
Self-Regulation Intervention for ADHD and Sensory Processing Differences

Current Project
Mindful Behavioural Parent Intervention for ADHD


2015-2016: BCMHSUS Fund, ADHD Research Database

2012-2017: BCCHF Fund, Mindful Parent Intervention for ADHD

Honours & Awards

2013: Supporting the Promotion of Activated Research and Knowledge (SPARK) Training Institute, Mental Health Commission of Canada