Critical Care Follow-up – With the advances in our ability to care for critically ill children, mortality rates of patients admitted to the pediatric critical care unit (PICU) are low. However, we are learning that with low mortality rates, there are consequences of critical care, and a number of our children will experience morbidities as they are discharged home. My area of interest is in the outcomes of children in the medium to long term, post PICU admission.

Rural Pediatrics – There are significant challenges in providing 24/7 pediatric coverage in many of the smaller communities in British Columbia. I am interested in understanding the challenges faced by rural pediatricians and determining creative strategies to support those proving consulting pediatrics in rural communities.


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Pediatric Critical Care in BC
Determining the demographics of pediatric patients requiring critical care, how to better support those caring for them in the early stages of their disease, and their outcomes as they return home.

Research Group Members

Michelle Dunphy, Research RN
Jason Marchand, Registered Nurse, Critical Care Outreach Nurse
Jack Pearce Wong, Research Assistant
Gaby YAng, Pediatric Intensivist