I am a Pediatric Dentist based at BCCH department of dentistry. I am also the director of the graduate program in Pediatric Dentistry which trains specialists. My research is in the area of developmental malformations that affect the face and teeth. I am particularly focused on the causes of cleft lip with or without cleft palate which affects 1 in 700 babies. Facial clefting is one of the most common birth defects and in the majority of cases, the clefts occur in otherwise healthy babies. Therefore, the causes are complex and difficult to attribute to genetic mutations. I study the environmental effects that predispose an individual to developing a cleft. I primarily use the chicken embryo for this research because I can test the role of specific genes and growth factors in facial development directly in the egg. In addition, I do clinical research on human fetal development and changes to delivery of dental services during the Covid-19 pandemic.


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Current Projects
My lab is the only two in Canada and one of few in the world that focuses on the patterning mechanisms in embryonic facial development. During my career I have worked on all stages of facial patterning from neural crest cells, to facial prominence formation and finally the differentiation of the skull. My main accomplishments are to develop the chicken as a model for studying the molecular controls of cleft lip and for understanding how jaw identity is established. In addition to work with chicken, I have worked with mouse and reptilian embryos. My training as a pediatric dentist feeds directly into the reptilian tooth replacement studies since we are adapting certain dental procedures to the gecko. I am making unique contributions to the biology of tooth replacement that cannot be studied in the mouse which only has one set of teeth.

Here are the topics I am currently investigating:

1) Rare diseases affecting craniofacial and limb development
2) Measuring developmental instability in the face using live imaging
3) Exploring the stem cells and molecules required for life-long tooth replacement in geckos
4) 3D morphometrics of human craniofacial and dental development in the middle trimester
5) Assessing the value of virtual health visits for dental consultations


CIHR – “Discovery of novel WNT signaling mechanisms from the study of human genetic disease in two animal models”. 2019- 2024

NSERC – “Reptilian Tooth and Jaw Development”. 2016-2024

NIH – “Development of the leopard gecko as a model to study in vivo tooth replacement”. 2017-2021

Honours & Awards

Fellow of the Academy of Health Sciences 2020

Canadian Association for Dental Research National Dental Research Award 2020