We at the Kobor Lab are committed to taking our findings out of the lab and communicating them to diverse audiences. Some specific examples of our outreach and science communication activities are listed below - follow our Twitter and Instagram accounts for more!

Epigenetics Outreach Resources

Click here to view a list we've collated of epigenetics outreach and multimedia resources – articles, videos, podcasts, infographics, and more – designed for all audience types from schools to the general public to academic experts.

Fashion Meets Science

We worked with fashion instructors, students, and alumni at the Vancouver Community College to create science-inspired outfits for the 2019 Vancouver Kids’ Fashion Week. The "Model Organisms" collection designers visited our lab to take inspiration from our work with yeast and fruit flies, and we put together a video about our work and an interactive booth for kids to visit during the event.

Here are some of our team's photos from this fun and creative collaboration: