Louise MasseDr. Louise Mâsse
Principal Investigator
Education: PhD (Measurement and Evaluation) – University of Ottawa; MSc (Kinanthropology) – University of Ottawa; BSc (Exercise Science) – Concordia University
Research Interests: Health behaviour change, health promotion theories, physical activity, obesity prevention and treatment, health measurement and psychometrics.
Fun facts: While I don't like the snow in the city, I still think it is awesome to be on the mountains in the winter and enjoy the winter sports.

Angelica Leon-ElizaldeAngelica Leon-Elizalde
Research Coordinator – A Good Start Matters
Education: MSc (Population and Public Health) – University of British Columbia
Research Interests: Health promotion and chronic disease prevention
Fun facts: I tend to spend too much time talking about my 1.5-year-old, hyper puppy. Any training advice will be most appreciated!

E. Jean BucklerE. Jean Buckler 
Research Coordinator – LiGHT/Aim2Be Evaluation
Education: PhD (Kinesiology) - University of British Columbia; MSc (Kinesiology) - Dalhousie University; BSc (Kinesiology) - University of Victoria
Research Interests: Health promotion, specifically the role of physical activity, fundamental movement skills, and physical literacy on health in the early years and adolescence
Fun facts: I bike to work almost every day. I would rather ride in the Vancouver rains than take any other form of transportation.

Claire Tugault-LafleurClaire Tugault-Lafleur
Postdoctoral Fellow - A Good Start Matters! 
Education: PhD (Human Nutrition) - University of British Columbia; MA (Geography) - McGill University; BSc (Nutrition and Dietetics) - McGill University; BA (Environment and International Development Studies) - McGill University
Research Interests: Dietary and behavior change interventions targeting children and families; population-level dietary assessment; dietary survey data; school food nutrition; and dietary policy
Fun facts: Travelling and tasting the most bizarre and most exotic fruit I can find.

Alysha DeslippeAlysha Deslippe 
Graduate Research Assistant
Education: BSc (Food, Nutrition and Health) – University of British Columbia; MSc student (Population and Public Health) – University of British Columbia
Research Interests: Understanding the preventative role nutrition can have in adolescent obesity. More specifically, the influence that home and social factors such as parenting practices have upon and adolescent nutrition related behaviours, self-efficacy and motivation.  
Fun facts: I have a golden retriever and a cat named Luka and Winnifred.

Tomoko McGaugheyTomoko McGaughey
Graduate Research Assistant
Education: BSc in Health Sciences (Population and Quantitative Health Sciences) – Simon Fraser University; MPH – University of British Columbia
Research Interests: Health Promotion and knowledge translation within a variety of populations including pediatrics and mental health 
Fun facts: When I’m not at work I volunteer with the SPCA as a dog-walker.