Dr. Felton has an interest in outcomes from ENT surgery, particularly implantable hearing aids for children with hearing loss. His research thesis investigated hearing and balance outcomes from patients undergoing cochlear implantation, leading to the award of a post graduate research degree. He has presented at numerous international conferences, published in the field of otolaryngology and has additionally authored book chapters on the subject.


Safety and efficacy of 3D endoscopy in otolaryngology surgeries: A systematic review
Medical student research project comparing 2D and 3D technology for ENT surgery, reviewing safety and benefit of new 3D technology over traditional 2D technology.

Assessing the impact of COVID-19 precautions on classroom communication for adolescents with hearing loss
Medical student research using qualitative research to assess the impact of masks and social distancing on children with different types of hearing loss.


2020 UBC Summer Research Project Funding

Research Group Members

Julie Pauwels, Research Coordinator