• Klein, Michael C.


    Investigator Emeritus, BC Children's Hospital
    Emeritus Professor, Department of Family Practice, University of British Columbia
    Honorary Member, Departments of Family Practice and Pediatrics, BC Children's Hospital and BC Women's Hospital & Health Centre

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    Research Areas
    • Normal pregnancy
    • Pelvic floor functioning
    • Old and new technologies in birth
    • The "caesarean section on demand" debate
    • New models of primary maternity care-including family practice maternity services
    • The safety of rural and remote maternity care
    • The place of maternity care in rural community sustainability

    I am best known as principal investigator for the only North American randomized controlled trial of episiotomy, which showed that episiotomy caused the very problems it was supposed to prevent.

    I have continued to focus on best practices in maternity care to help achieve optimal outcome for mothers and newborns. We continue to study the attitudes and beliefs of all those who care for women in their pregnancies and births – family physicians, obstetricians, midwives, nurses, doulas and trainees in these disciplines – as well as the women themselves. These studies demonstrate that attitudes have direct impact on outcome.

    The health of rural communities and the place of maternity care in sustainable communities, as well as related areas of safety of rural maternity care and optimal strategies for safe maternity care in any setting, continue to be the focus of my work.

    Current Projects

    Our study, "Does delivery volume of family physicians predict maternal and newborn outcome?" (CMAJ, April 2002) on the lack of association between low volume maternity practice and adverse outcome has already led to a rescinding of the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada (SOGC) Policy on Low Volume Obstetrics and the creation of a new one based on a collaboration between the SOGC, College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) and Society of Rural Physicians of Canada (SRPC) indicating that low volume is not a problem.  With colleagues across BC and Canada we research approaches in low volume (usually rural) settings. For example, with Dr. Colin Yarow in Kelowna we have shown that vacuum extraction by family physicians is safe. This is the first study by family physicians on this technology.

    Our study "In for the Long Haul--determinants of sustainable practice" (Can Fam Physician, June 2002) tests and evaluates both curricular and practice based interventions in the promotion of safe sustainable practice. We have begun a similar project with Halifax colleagues to determine if the sustainability issues found in BC are similar in Nova Scotia. Similar projects are underway with collaborators in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and several rural settings for this and the volume studies. We have published papers on the difficulties of centralization.  These studies have led on to our current series of studies on the attitudes of all providers of maternity care and the women themselves.

    We are heavily involved in the caesarean section on demand debate and

    have published original research on pelvic floor functioning in relation to vaginal vs. caesarean birth and are working on a critical review of pelvic floor functioning by mode of birth. We are now looking at the attitudes of ethnic communities toward caesarean by choice. A linked study of the impact of epidural analgesia on caesarean section rates is in progress as well as a new study (with Andrew Kotaska PI) on high vs. low dose oxytocin augmentation in the presence of epidural analgesia.

    Working with Patti Janssen, we have completed a series of five studies on single room maternity care and are engaged in the long term study of home birth in BC.

    We are beginning a study on the place of maternity care in rural community sustainability – this in collaboration with the SFU Centre for Sustainable Community Development.

    Selected Publications

    Manville M, Klein MC, Bainbridge L. Improved outcomes for elderly patients who received care on a transitional care unit. Canadian Fam Physician. May 2014;60(5):e263-e271.

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    Reime B, Klein MC, Kelly A, Duxbury N, Saxell L, Liston R, Prompers FJPM, Entjies RSW, Wong V. Do maternity care provider groups have different attitudes toward birth? BJOC—An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. 2004;111:1388-93

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    Janssen P, Harris S, Soolsma J, Klein MC, Seymour L. Single Room Maternity Care: The Nursing Response. Birth 28:3 September 2001.

    Honours & Awards

    Award of Excellence: Family Physician Researcher of the Year, College of Family Physicians of Canada - November 2013

    Family Physician Researcher of the Year Award 2004, College of Family Physicians of Canada . “The award recognizes a family medicine researcher who has made original contributions to research and has been a pivotal force in the definition, development and dissemination of concepts central to the discipline of Family Medicine in Canada ."

    Maurice Wood Award for Lifetime Contributions to Primary Care Research, NAPCRG (The North American Primary Care Research Group) – October 2003

    Chair, Maternity and Newborn Care Committee of the College of Family Physicians of Canada – 1995-2002

    Society of Rural Physicians of Canada, Honorary Rural Physician award – May 1998
    Outstanding Contributions and Service to the growth of Family Medicine, The Society of Teachers of Family Medicine – April 1998

    The 1994 Society of Teachers of Family Medicine Best Research Paper Award – 1994

    The Dr. Michael Klein Fellowship in Maternal and Infant Care in Family Medicine was established at the Department of Family Medicine and The SMBD Jewish General Hospital in Montreal , in honour of efforts in involving family physicians in family centred maternal and infant care – 1992

    The Donald I. Rice Merit Award, College of Family Physicians of Canada – 1991

    Research Group Members
    • Dr. Rob Liston, Dr. Peter von Dadelszen, Lee Saxell (midwifery), Wendy Hall (nursing), Kathy Lindstrom (doula research) – collaborators in attitude research, pelvic floor issues
    • Christine Miewald, SFU Centre for Sustainable Community Development
    • Stefan Grzybowski and Jude Kornelsen – Co-PIs for an CIHR Emerging Team Grant on Rural Maternity Care.