Children requiring emergency care have unique and specific needs, especially those with serious and life-threatening emergencies. The field of pediatric emergency medicine has rapidly evolved over the last two decades. Its unique role has dramatically changed the face of the pediatric sub-specialty and set new challenges for therapeutic treatments. This program looks into different aspects of medical therapeutics in the pediatric emergency setting:

Treatment of Infectious Diseases – Dosing and length of treatment with antibiotics

Toxicology – Accidental and non-accidental overdose

Medical Errors – Determining causes and finding ways for prevention

Adverse Events – Side effects of common over the counter and prescribed drugs; monitoring modalities while under pharmacologic treatment

Quality Management – Parental and patient compliance with prescribed medications in the emergency setting

Therapeutic management of pain and sedation in children – Pain management and sedation for procedures in the emergency department and/or post ED visit

Complementary and Alternative Medicine – Utilization, indications, physician and family attitude, and adverse events

Translational Therapeutics – From bench to bedside – pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of new drugs

Research Group Members

Paul Clerc
Isabelle Khalifa, Research Assistant