As the Medical Director of the Neuromotor Program at Sunny Hill Health Centre here at BC Children’s Hospital, Dr. Mishaal’s main clinical research interests involve neuromotor rehabilitation and cerebral palsy for children and youth. He currently leads the CP Early Diagnosis Initiative, is the BC site investigator for the Canadian Cerebral Palsy Registry, and is a co-investigator for CP-related projects with Child Health BC.


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Canadian Cerebral Palsy Registry
The national Canadian Cerebral Palsy (CP) Registry is a nation-wide collection of medical and social information about children with cerebral palsy. BC Children’s Hospital is the partner representing the province of BC where Dr. Mishaal has been the primary site investigator since July 2020. His team is currently undertaking an analysis using data from the Registry with the hopes of creating a general profile of BC children and youth diagnosed with CP, and exploring how different medical and environmental factors impact the age of diagnosis and the age of referral for interventions.

Understanding the Etiology of Cerebral Palsy and the Influence of Genetic Etiology on Hip Displacement
A project in collaboration with Child Health BC to explore the etiologies of cerebral palsy in the hip surveillance registry population. Data analysis stage. Co-investigator since Aug 2021.

Estimating Prevalence and Incidence of Cerebral Palsy (CP) in Children and Youth in BC
In collaboration with Child Health BC, this study uses multiple, linked, health administrative databases and predictive modelling to estimate the prevalence and incidence of CP in children and youth in BC. These estimates will inform recruitment into the Hip Surveillance Clinical Program, and select indicators will be collected for ongoing population-level surveillance.

Research Group Members

Mia Francl, Clinical Fellow, Department of Pediatrics
Chetna Jetha, Occupational Therapist
Carol Lai, Project Manager, Neuromotor
Vivian Wong, Research Coordinator