Shahrzad Joharifard is a pediatric surgeon with a passion for global health, particularly in conflict and post-conflict settings. She holds an AB in History cum laude from Princeton University, an MD from Duke University, and an MPH in Clinical Effectiveness from the Harvard School of Public Health. She completed her residency in General Surgery at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in 2017, followed by fellowship in Pediatric Surgery at CHU Sainte-Justine at the Université de Montréal in 2020.

Dr. Joharifard has extensive experience in sub-Saharan Africa. Prior to entering medicine, she spent two years working with the International Rescue Committee in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Sierra Leone. During her medical training, she worked as a clinician at Kolofata District Hospital in the Extreme North of Cameroon, Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto, South Africa, Mbingo Baptist Hospital in Northwest Cameroon, Gondor University Hospital in Gondor, Ethiopia, and Partners in Health affiliated hospitals in Rwinkwavu and Butaro, Rwanda. Immediately after completing general surgery residency at UBC, she began working as a surgeon for Partners in Health at JJ Dossen Memorial Hospital, a remote referral hospital in Harper, Liberia. There, she served as one of only 11 surgeons in the entire country of 4.7 million people — and only 1 of 3 outside the capital. Dr. Joharifard spends two months per year in the field with Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders. Her most recent assignments were in Aweil, South Sudan and Rutshuru, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Dr. Joharifard is currently an attending Pediatric Surgeon at British Columbia Children’s Hospital and a Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery at UBC. She is an Adjunct Professor at the UBC Branch for Global Surgery and co-founded the UBC Global Surgery Lab, a research and mentorship hub for undergraduate, medical, and graduate students interested in global surgery. Clinically, she practices full-spectrum pediatric surgery, with particular interests in neonatal and thoracic surgery, in addition to antenatal consultation and counselling. Her research interests lie in implementation science, innovation, quality improvement, outcomes, and global surgical education.


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DOI: 10.1016/j.ijgo.2011.09.025


Current Projects
1) The utility of 3D imaging and printing in the treatment of pediatric thoraco-abdominal tumours (in conjunction with the UBC Digital Lab)

2) The development and validation a 3D-printed simulator for the training of open and laparoscopic pediatric inguinal hernia repair (in conjunction with the UBC Digital Lab)

3) The development and implementation of a digital Essential Surgical Skills curriculum for non-surgeon clinicians in low-resource settings: a UBC Global Surgery Lab-Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) collaboration


UBC New Faculty Research Award, University of British Columbia, August 2022. $10,000 grant to develop a pediatric surgery inguinal hernia simulator

UBC Strategic Investment Fund Grant, University of British Columbia, February 2022. $209,510 grant for the development of the activities of the Global Surgery Lab, co-directed with Dr. Emilie Joos

Evidence to Innovation Seed Grant, British Columbia Children’s Hospital Research Institute, December 2021. $10,000 grant for a prospective study investigating the utility of three-dimensional modelling and printing in perioperative planning and patient education in pediatric thoracoabdominal tumors

Honours & Awards

Liste d’Honneur de la Doyenne, Université de Montréal, 2020. Awarded a place on the Dean’s Honour’s List, a notation given to fewer than 10% of post-graduate medical education graduates

Dr. Fang-Ching Sun Memorial Award, Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health, May 2020. Award given to an outstanding graduating student who is dedicated to promoting the health of vulnerable people ($3,000 prize)

Travelling Fellow Scholarship, Canadian Association of Pediatric Surgeons, November 2019. $2000 grant given to a trainee in a Canadian pediatric surgery fellowship to provide additional clinical learning opportunities

Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Award, Partners in Health, July 2018. Award given to the employee deemed to have made the most significant contribution to patient safety and quality improvement

Research Group Members

Madeleine Kruth, Graduate Research Assistant