My clinical area of expertise at BC Children's Hospital is in managing patients with atopic dermatitis, pigmented and vascular lesions. Currently, I have been funded by the Canadian Dermatology Foundation, Canadian Institute of Health Research, and Eczema Society of Canada, to validate diagnostic algorithms for atopic dermatitis patients accessing the healthcare system. With these diagnostic algorithms we are examining comorbidities and complications and the effects of treatment in atopic dermatitis patients. Also, currently we are using artificial intelligence methods to improve diagnostic performance of automated diagnosis of vascular and pigmented lesions.


Using health insurance claims based data to examine inflammatory skin conditions
Using health insurance claims based data, we are examining inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis and the effects of treatments in reducing comorbidities and complications.

Algorithm for identifying keratinocyte carcinomas using population data
We have developed an algorithm for identifying keratinocyte carcinomas using population data. This algorithms is being used to identify trends in keratinocyte carcinomas in high risk population groups (eg. organ trannsplant recipients).

Using optical devices to assist in early diagnosis of skin conditions
We are using optical devices to provide complementary biophysical and imaging properties to assist in early diagnosis of skin conditions.



Eczema Society of Canada

Canadian Dermatology Foundation

Teaching Learning Enhancement Fund, University of British Columbia

Honours & Awards

Canadian Dermatology Association Barney Usher Award

Asia Dermatology Association Rising Star Award

Dermatologist from the Heart for Community Awareness Projects

President, Dermatology Society of British Columbia