Sleep Lab At Home

Sleep Lab At Home is a flagship at-home sleep study program that will form the foundation of a multi-disciplinary sleep analysis team. Sleep Lab At Home will deliver overnight sleep analysis, traditionally performed in a hospital, within children’s homes. The program will expand and transform care for patients at BC Children’s Hospital (BCCH), and inform research, assessment, and treatment of sleep disorders and the many developmental, neurological, and mental health conditions that show sleep deficits as symptoms.

Depth Sensing Camera Study

The Depth Sensing Camera Study will validate a novel device. The camera shows potential for non-invasive detection of sleep disordered breathing via video recording, but detecting algorithms have not been fully developed or validated for this purpose. Over the course of this study, we will evaluate the camera in-hospital as a tool for assessment of sleep disordered breathing as a step in identifying the best device for a sleep lab at home.

Principal Investigators

Dr. David Wensley, Department of Pediatrics, BC Children’s Hospital
Dr. Mark Ansermino, Department of Anesthesiology, Pharmacology & Therapeutics


Dr. Evelyn Stewart, Department of Psychiatry
Dr. Neil Chadha, Department of Surgery
Dr. Osman Ipsiroglu, BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute
Dr. James Lee, Department of Neurology
Dr. Guy Dumont, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering