Sleep Lab At Home

Sleep Lab At Home is a flagship at-home sleep study program that will form the foundation of a multi-disciplinary sleep analysis team. Sleep Lab At Home will deliver overnight sleep analysis, traditionally performed in a hospital, within children’s homes. The program will expand and transform care for patients at BC Children’s Hospital (BCCH), and inform research, assessment, and treatment of sleep disorders and the many developmental, neurological, and mental health conditions that show sleep deficits as symptoms.

We gratefully acknowledge the funding support provided by BC Children’s Hospital Foundation for this research. With funding awarded to Dr. David Wensley and Dr. Mark Ansermino with a team of clinicians, engineers and research co-investigators through the Foundation’s CHIPS program, we are conducting the following four studies to meet the goals of the Sleep Lab at Home initiative and identify suitable technology to support home-based sleep screening.

“Developing a wearable EEG system for the sleep lab at home.”
Principal investigators: Lyndia Wu and James Lee

“Validating a wearable sensor for monitoring nighttime restlessness in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder to improve sleep health.”
Principal investigators: Calvin Kuo and Osman Ipsiroglu

“Validating the use of pulse oximetry to screen for obstructive sleep apnea in children at home.”
Principal investigators: Mark Ansermino and David Wensley

“Validating the use of pulse oximetry to screen for sleep disordered breathing in neonates in hospital and at home.”
Principal investigators: Emily Kieran and David Wensley

Depth Sensing Camera Study

The Depth Sensing Camera Study will validate a novel device. The camera shows potential for non-invasive detection of sleep disordered breathing via video recording, but detecting algorithms have not been fully developed or validated for this purpose. Over the course of this study, we will evaluate the camera in-hospital as a tool for assessment of sleep disordered breathing as a step in identifying the best device for a sleep lab at home.

Principal investigators: Mark Ansermino and David Wensley

Barriers, facilitators, and outcomes of a novel interdisciplinary eHealth clinical system to improve pediatric sleep care pathways in British Columbia

With funding from a Health Innovation Funding Investment award, this study aims to expand and pilot test a new eHealth intake, assessment, telehealth, and management system that includes a novel logic-model triage pathway for pediatric sleep care in B.C. This collaboration will define opportunities to incorporate an interdisciplinary approach into the pediatric sleep care pathway and obtain evaluation data on the barriers, facilitators, and outcomes of the newly developed interdisciplinary eHealth system.

Principal investigators: Elizabeth Keys and Osman Ipsiroglu
Co-investigators: Calvin Kuo, David Wensley, Denise Gabriel, Mary Glasgow Brown, Charlene Ronquillo, Quevie Abalde and Scout McWilliams