I am a general pediatrician with an interest in how the healthcare system works. My research explores areas where the healthcare system helps or harms the health of children and youth. This includes investigating the rules and policies of the healthcare system itself, and also includes investigating how hospitals can be made as safe and effective as possible.


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Pharmaceutical Coverage and Availability for Children
Canadian children and youth have worse access to struggle to effective, palatable, and affordable medications than their peers in other Western nations, and I am interested in researching the causes, consequences, and solutions to this problem. I have recently authored a position statement for the Canadian Paediatric Society on pharmaceutical coverage for children in Canada. I am interested in further exploring how different jurisdictions in Canada compare in their pharmaceutical coverage, and how that impacts children and youth.

Reducing Unnecessary Inpatient Length-of-Stay for Children at Acute Care Hospitals
By some estimates, many children are admitted to hospital unnecessarily, in order to expedite tests or treatments that can be provided in outpatient settings. This increases costs and is also difficult for children and their families. I am exploring innovative ways of reducing unnecessary inpatient length-of-stay.

Honours & Awards

2019-2021 - Hudson Scholar (BC Children's Hospital)

2020 - Hospital Pediatrician of the Year (BC Children's Hospital)

2018 - "Rookie of the Year" (BC Children's Hospital)

2017-2019 - Frank Knox Fellow (Harvard University)

2017 - Michael Ondaatje Teaching Award (The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto)

Research Group Members

Jack Ho, Undergraduate Research Assistant