I am interested in translational research with the goals of linking understanding of the mechanisms of serious mental illness to new approaches to treating patients. Current projects focus on abnormalities of synapses in schizophrenia and aging, studies of response to antipsychotic drug treatment in patients, and investigating the overlap of mental illness, addiction, and viral infection in people living in single room occupancy hotels. I am also pursuing the development of novel treatments through investigating protein-protein interactions occurring at synapses. Research techniques used include biochemical studies of postmortem brain tissue, brain imaging with MRI, and neurocognitive assessment.

Research Group Members

Carmelina Barone
Lianne Cho, MD/PhD
Kristina Gicas, Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Andrea Jones
Hong Ying Li
Masatoshi Miyauchi
Luz Nalicat
Esther Song, Research Assistant
Jacob Stubbs, PhD Student, Research trainee
Wayne Su
Jenny Yan, Research Assistant