I am interested in how skin disease affects children and families and in learning more about how we can lessen the impact of skin disease. Increasing access to dermatology care, improving models of care, training local providers in diagnosis of skin disease, and decreasing the stigma of skin disease will all improve the lives of children with skin problems. We are working with remote communities both in British Columbia and around the world to build capacity so that the community is ready and able to respond effectively to childhood skin problems.


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Scabies Study
Survey of practice of pediatric dermatologists in treatment of infants under 2 months of age with scabies.

Stigma Study
BC Children's Hospital is one of many sites across North America embarking on studying the impact of visible and potentially stigmatizing skin disease on patients who have them and their families.

Honours & Awards

Department of Dermatology Resident Teaching Award, 2016

AAD Presidential Citation

Health Volunteers Oversears Golden Apple Award, 2007

Research Group Members

Grace Tam, Research Manager, Division of Dermatology
Bianca Te, Medical Student