I recently completed a research project looking at changes in cardiac output, how much blood the heart pumps around the body per minute, when teenagers are turned onto their front prior to operations to fix the curvature of their back. We found that the amount of blood is significantly reduced on turning on to their front.

This is leading on to further studies as I would like to look at how changes in anesthesia, for example the amount of fluid that we give these teenagers can affect their cardiac output. I am hoping to collaborate with the orthopediac surgeons and nephrologists to examine the incidence of kidney damage after surgery which may be related to changes in cardiac output.


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Current Project
I have just become part of a collaboration between orthopedics, nephrology and anesthesia, looking initially at the incidence of acute kidney injury (AKI) post-operatively, and then at different alterations to anesthesia management that could help reduce the incidence of AKI in the orthopedic population. Potentially this will involve changes in fluid management, possibly being guided by a cardiac output monitor, and observing the effects of non-steroidal drugs.


Innovation in Acute Care and Technology Research Grant

Honours & Awards

Best presentation by a Fellow, University of British Columbia, Anaesthesia, Pharmacology and Therapeutics Research Day

Research Group Members

James Taylor, Summer Research Student
Denise Taylor, Administrative Assistant, Pediatric Anesthesia