The Canadian Burkholderia cepacia complex research and referral repository (CBCCRRR) was established by Dr. David Speert at BC Children's Hospital Research Institute in 1994. The CBCCRRR is an internationally recognized resource for Burkholderia infections in people with CF.

We have been funded continuously by Cystic Fibrosis Canada since 2001 to provide species (previously known as genomovar) identification for members of the Burkholderia cepacia complex of bacteria. We also can provide strain typing information, as well as identifications for other species which grow on Burkholderia cepacia selective agar and for which the preliminary identification might be equivocal: such as B. gladioli, Ralstonia species, Pandoraea species and others. Most of our work is for cystic fibrosis clinics, however we are very happy to provide assistance to anyone else requiring identification of these bacteria.  For more details on submitting samples to us see our dedicated page here.

In addition to providing identifications to clinics, all isolates are banked and can be provided (delinked) to researchers.  If you are a researcher and would like bacterial samples please see here.


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