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We would like to acknowledge and thank all of our past staff, fellows, and students who have worked with PART and helped make it the great research program it is today.

Name Role Year
Dr. Lindsay Rawling Pediatric Anesthesiologist 2022
Andrew Poznikoff Clinical Research Manager 2022
Aanisah Golam Co-op Student 2022
Jenelle Chen Summer Medical Student 2022
Laveniya Kugathasan Summer Medical Student 2022
Lindy Moxham Summer Medical Student 2022
Dr. Julia Olsen Pediatric Anesthesia Fellow 2022
Halle Golding Co-op Student 2022
Emma Nielsen Summer Medical Student 2021
James Taylor Summer Medical Student 2021
Bradley Hofmann Summer Medical Student 2021
Krystal Cardinal Co-op Student 2021
Dr. Fabio Magistris Pediatric Anesthesia Fellow 2021
Dr. Stefan Kojic Pediatric Anesthesia Fellow 2021
Gurmaan Gill Co-op Student 2021
Dr. Clayton Reichert Pediatric Anesthesiologist 2021
Marie Johns CRSU Research Assistant 2020
Dr. Mary Nampawu Pediatric Anesthesia Fellow 2020
Victoria McCann Summer Medical Student 2020
Dr. Jorinde Polderman Pediatric Anesthesia Fellow 2020
Dr. Christopher Badenhorst Pediatric Anesthesia Fellow 2020
Dr. Richard Lin Pediatric Anesthesia Fellow 2019
Dr. Prakash Krishnan Pediatric Anesthesia Fellow 2019
Gabby Napoleone Research Assistant 2019
Kai Zhu Summer Medical Student 2019
Wesley Chu Volunteer Research Assistant 2019
Dr. Tristan Dumbarton Pediatric Anesthesia Fellow 2018
Justin Fong Summer Medical Student 2018
Dr. John Stacey Pediatric Anesthesia Fellow 2017
Victoria Chan Summer Medical Student 2017
Muizz Wahid Summer Medical Student 2017
Tony Zhao Summer Research Student 2017