OCD Team Retreat 2023OCD Team Retreat 2023

OCD Program TeamProvincial OCD Program Team

Research TeamProvincial OCD Program Research Team

Principal Investigator

Dr. Evelyn Stewart

Evelyn Stewart, M.D.

Investigator, BC Children's Hospital
Director of Research for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, BC Children's Hospital
Medical Director, BCCH Pediatric OCD and Psychiatry (POP) Program

Administrative Assistant

Mizuki Kubota

Mizuki Kubota

Administrative Assistant

Anna MacLellan

Anna MacLellan

MSc Clinical Psychology
Research Coordinator

Boyee Lin

Research Assistant 

John Best

John Best

PhD Psychology
Biostatistician/ Data analyst

Cynthia Lu

Research Assistant

Fern Jaspers-Fayer

Fern Jaspers-Fayer (on maternity leave)

PhD Psychology

Dr. Fern Jaspers-Fayer completed her graduate work at Simon Fraser University and has a keen interest in how the brain processes normal and pathological emotion. She has recorded brain waves (e.g. electroencephalography) and brain pictures (e.g. functional magnetic resonance imaging, fMRI), in people with anxiety, depression and OCD. Dr. Jaspers-Fayer also has a side interest in sleep and biological rhythms, primarily because sleep disruption can influence emotion.

Robert Selles

Robert Selles, Reg. Psych.

PhD Clinical Psychology

Dr. Selles is a registered psychologist and postdoctoral research fellow. Dr. Selles completed his doctoral degree at the University of South Florida and residency at Brown University. In his clinical research, Dr. Selles is focused on optimizing implementation of behavioral treatments for youth with obsessive compulsive disorder. 

Clara Westwell-Roper

Clara Westwell-Roper, MD, PhD

Andrew Perrin

Andrew Perrin, MD

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Aldrich Leung, MD