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Jehannine Austin on Psychiatric Genetics and Counseling | The Beagle Has Landed 

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"I only follow rules if they make sense": R&D with Genetic Counselor Dr. Jehannine Austin, CCGC/CGCFCAHS | Rosé & DNA

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talkBD Podcast - The Genetics of Bipolar Disorder: Causes, Risks & Testing

Dr. Jehannine Austin offers fascinating insight into the “bipolar gene” and "bipolar jar," genetic and environmental factors that increase the risk for bipolar disorder, the latest in genetic testing for bipolar disorder, and what you should know before having children as a parent with bipolar disorder.


Depression and Me

A documentary that aired on the BBC in the UK, about Alistair Campell’s experiences with depression. Jehannine plays an important role in the show.


Future of Genomic Medicine

A presentation by Jehannine about psychiatric genetic counselling.


A Psychiatric Genetic Counseling Session - Contributing Factors

A genetic counseling session with Jehannine on the Contributing Factors podcast. 

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Real Talk

Jehannine talks about psychiatric genetic counseling on the Real Talk podcast with Ryan Jespersen.

The segment begins at approximately 1:07:44.