Psychiatric Genetic Counselling Workshop

Welcome to our psychiatric genetic counseling workshop — it’s for genetic counselors, psychiatrists, etc., who are interested in helping people who live with psychiatric conditions and their families by providing high-quality, evidence-based genetic counseling.  

We published two papers about the outcomes of participating in this course. You can read them here: The impact of a "Psychiatric Genetics for Genetic Counselors" workshop on genetic counselor attendees: An exploratory study and The effectiveness of psychiatric genetic counseling training: An analysis of 13 international workshops.

Course mission: by the time you finish this course, we want you to have (dramatically!) increased confidence in your competence to provide genetic counselling for people with psychiatric conditions and their families

What's involved: We offer in-person (2 days) and virtual (online work and Zoom sessions) workshops. In both formats, the workshop involves lectures, group discussions and watching videos. Participants who completed all modules will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the workshop.

How to participate: To find out about costs, and to arrange for us to come visit you for an in person course, or to arrange for an online workshop for your group, Please email

Workshop Photos

Bournemouth, UK Workshop

Bournemouth, UK Workshop


“Loved it, more days to fit everything in.”

"I loved how you encouraged group discussion and class participation*

“Great and engaging!”

“It was superb. I wonder whether people who would be reluctant to attend might benefit from knowing how accessible and non-threatening the style of the workshop was.”

“I loved the workshop; I found it so helpful, and I can't wait to start a psychiatric genetic counselling clinic in my department.”

“I loved the way the workshop was run the enthusiasm shone through and was inspiring for my future work.”

“I really liked how it worked. Exploring our own thoughts at the start and with the video was a nice way to lead into more clinical information.”