Please Consider Inviting Families for Our Study!

We are investigating how Asian Canadian and White Canadian families make decisions about what treatment to pursue for their children and youth with ADHD.
We hope to help reduce the mental health services gap for Asian Canadian families.
Each family will complete measures at 3 time points over a year.

Families Are Eligible for This Study if Their Child/Youth:

  • has been assessed for ADHD within 2 months, and 
  • is between the ages of 6-18 years, and
  • is of Asian descent, or 
  • is of western European descent

Referring Physicians Receive:

  • With families’ consent, we will share with you individualized information about elevated scores on common comorbidities with ADHD that the child/youth is presenting with. 
  • We will share study results with you including potential strategies physicians can use to connect Asian Canadian families with treatments they find acceptable.

Study Resources to Share With Families:

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