Parental Cognitions and Mental Health Treatment Attitudes

Recruitment for this study is now closed.

In regards to the mental health care of children, parents are key gatekeepers and agents of change. To optimize treatment engagement and the child's health outcomes, we need to understand the beliefs and attitudes of parents about mental health treatment.

To participate, you must be a parent of a child (age 3-12 years) who has been seen at Healthy Minds Center of BC Children's Hospital. You will be asked to complete an online survey requiring approximately 75 minutes to complete. The survey will include questions about your child's mental health difficulties and treatment(s), questions about your beliefs about emotions and behaviours and parenting, and questions about treatment preferences.

You will also be asked to read and briefly summarize an article about emotions, and complete some questions again. Your participation in this study will not change the care you receive at BC Children's Hospital (BCCH). You will receive a $10 gift card for your participation in this study.