I use MRI scanners to image the human brain. Since these scanners don't use radiation like CT scanners or X-ray machines, we can scan people – even babies – multiple times. My main research focus is to develop and use new methods to get sharper images and detailed maps of the brain.

I use these techniques for the diagnosis and investigation of concussion, for instance. We have scanned young ice hockey players before and after concussion and we were able to measure the changes in their brains due to concussion.

We also investigate what happens to the MRI signal when the myelin in the brain is damaged. Myelin is the insulator around the nerve fibres. Damage to the myelin due to injury or disease leads to impairment of the brain and has serious consequences for patients. We develop MRI methods for the measurement of myelin damage and repair. These methods allow earlier and better diagnoses of diseases and help medical doctors to initiate the right treatment as early as possible.


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Magnetic Resonance Frequency Imaging of the Human Brain
The MRI signal can be compared to a lighthouse. At any given time, the lighthouse beam has a brightness and a direction. Conventional MRI deals mainly with the brightness of the signal and ignores the direction. We have shown that this direction information, which is related to the frequency of the signal, contains valuable information on structure and composition of biological tissues. My team and I use this frequency imaging approach for the characterization of changes in the brain at high resolution and with high sensitivity.

Concussion in young ice hockey players
The best way to study brain injury is to obtain data before and after injury for direct comparison. In humans, this can be done by following people who have a high risk of sustaining a brain injury. We worked with ice hockey players and scanned their brains at the beginning and at the end of the hockey season. The concussed athletes were scanned at three days, two weeks and two months after concussion.


NSERC Discovery Grant, Parkinson Foundation Pilot Grant, Milan and Maureen Ilich Foundation

Honours & Awards

Toshiba Award

CIHR New Investigator Award

London Drugs Award for Research Excellence in Radiology

Research Group Members

Vanessa Wiggermann, Doctoral Student
Alexander Weber, Postdoctoral Fellow
Enedino Hernandez-Torres, Postdoctoral Fellow
Mike Jarrett, Research Assistant
Christian Kames, Co-op Student
Andreas Schmidbauer, Student