A main focus of my academic work involves the development and assessment of clinical programs for children with type 1 diabetes. This includes the development of a diabetes telehealth program to provide improved access to specialist care for children across the province. I am engaged with Child Health BC in work around provincial planning for type 1 diabetes care, and I have a specific interest in the development and assessment of diabetes care for children in the school setting.

My current diabetes research interests include assessing the effectiveness of coaching for families of children with type 1 diabetes as well as understanding the experience of children with celiac disease and type 1 diabetes. We recently completed a study documenting the prevalence of acute kidney injury in children with diabetic ketoacidosis, as well as a study looking at the effect of HbA1c on improvement in glycemic management when initiating insulin pump therapy.

I have a clinical interest in the care of transgender youth, and I am involved in providing education and planning to support care for transgender youth around the province.


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Acute kidney injury in diabetic ketoacidosis
This study recently assessed the proportion of acute kidney injury in children presenting to BC Children's Hospital with diabetic ketoacidosis. Current fluid management in diabetic ketoacidosis is guided in large part by concern for cerebral edema; however, we must also be aware of other possible outcomes of our current standard of care treatment, such as kidney injury. This study is the first large-scale assessment for acute kidney injury in children with diabetic ketoacidosis, and the results of this study will inform our monitoring and treatment of kidney related issues that may arise during the course of treatment of diabetic ketoacidosis.

Coaching for parents of children with type 1 diabetes
This study will evaluate the impact of providing a behavioural approach called coaching for families of children with type 1 diabetes. This novel study brings together the Diabetes Team with the staff of the New Knowledge & Innovation Division to integrate a coach into the diabetes team. The coach will work directly with families of children with type 1 diabetes. We will be looking at the impact of this intervention on the children’s quality of life, family conflict, self-management and blood glucose management.


Canadian Pediatric Endocrine Group : Fellowship Award, 2013-2014. Salary Support for one year of research fellowship in pediatric endocrinology.Amount: $60,000.

Institute of Coaching Harnisch Grant, 2015

CFRI Canucks for Kids Fund Diabetes Catalyst Grant, 2015

Honours & Awards

BC Children’s Hospital Resident Research Award, December 2012.

Research Group Members

Alex Fung, Research Coordinator