Children with developmental coordination disorder (DCD) have difficulty learning motor skills and performing activities of daily living, such as using a knife and fork, printing, and riding a bicycle. The cause of DCD is not well understood, but our research has shown that children with DCD use their brain differently and show subtle differences in their brain pathways compared to typically-developing children. Our research program aims to further unravel the brain differences in children with DCD in an effort to better understand the disorder and to inform rehabilitation interventions for these children.

Critically ill newborns (such as premature infants or infants with brain injury or heart disease) are at risk for motor impairments in childhood. Our research program aims to better understand the relationship of early brain development and motor outcomes of these at-risk newborns, and how rehabilitation interventions may affect brain and motor outcomes.


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Current Projects
Developmental Coordination Disorder: Through the DCD Research Clinic at Sunny Hill Health Cenre for Children, we aim to identify and diagnose children with DCD who meet the diagnostic criteria for the disorder and to provide education and resources to children and families with DCD. As part of this clinical service, we will be establishing a database over time of children with DCD from which to answer many important questions about the disorder, including the impact of DCD on children and families, intervention and outcomes for children with DCD, and neuroimaging studies to better understand the neurobiology of the disorder.

Brain Development and Motor Oucomes of Premature Newborns: We have conducted serial MR scans of premature infants (within weeks of birth and again at term-equivalent age) and collected detailed neonatal clincial data to characterize early brain development of these babies. We are following this cohort throughout childhood and assessing their motor development at 18 months and 36 months corrected age, 4.5 years and 8 years. Our aim is to determine brain and clinical predictors of motor impairment in children born preterm.

Honours & Awards

Canadian Child Health Clinician Scientist Career Development Award - 2014-2018

Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Scholar Award - 2014

Research Group Members

Janet Rigney
Sara Izadinajafabadi
Sara Leckie, Research Assistant
Kamaldeep Gill
Gisela Gosse
Isobel Fishman
Julia Schmidt, Postdoctoral Fellow
Alexandra Mackay
Shie Rinat, Graduate Student-Brain, Behavior and Development
Sarah Fletcher, Student