• Doan, Quynh


    Investigator, BC Children's Hospital
    Pediatric Emergency Physician, BC Children's Hospital
    Assistant Professor, Division of Emergency Medicine, Department of Pediatrics, University of British Columbia

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    Jessie Dhillon and Karly Stillwell (Research Coordinators)
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    BC Children's Hospital
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    My focus is Health Services research, with current projects aiming to determine:
    • The magnitude of pediatric emergency department (PED) overcrowding
    • If there is a correlation between PED utilization and markers of overcrowding
    • How overcrowding relates to health outcomes for children
    Dr. Doan’s research program is comprised of projects evaluating pediatric emergency department patterns of use, the quality of the care provided, and the efficiency of service delivery. She aims to answer questions pertaining to the population's need for pediatric emergency care, how well the healthcare system is equipped to meet this need, and how can we maintain or improve the quality and value of the care provided to children and families seeking help in emergency settings

    As a member of Pediatric Emergency Research Canada (PERC), Dr. Doan is the BCCH site investigator for many PERC multi-center studies. She is also the PERC representative and BC lead physician for the Translating Emergency Knowledge for Kids (TREKK) network

    Current Projects
    How Safe are our Pediatric Emergency Departments? A National Prospective Study (PERC Study)

    The purpose of this study is to better understand patient safety in the emergency department. Specifically, we want to learn about the frequency, severity and preventability of adverse events occurring among children seen in pediatric emergency departments across Canada.

    HEARTS-MAP Tool in the Pediatric Emergency Department – A Pilot Study

    The aim of this study is to prospectively evaluate the impact of implementing the new HEARTS-MAP tool in the BCCH PED on variables such as PED utilization, flow, and outcomes. This tool was developed as a standardized clinical survey to guide clinical care for all patients presenting to the BCCH PED with mental health complaints.

    A Retrospective Validation of the HEARTS-MAP Tool applied to patients presenting to the Pediatric Emergency Department with a mental health issue

    The aim of this study is to retrospectively validate the HEARTS-MAP tool in youth mental health complaints to the Pediatric Emergency Department. Inter-rater reliability will be evaluated between different pediatric emergency physicians, nurses, and pediatric psychiatrists. 

    Root Causes of Return Visits to the Pediatric Emergency Department

    Via retrospective chart review, we plan to quantify the burden of return visits at the BC Children’s Hospital PED and determine the proportion of return visits that can be prevented through changes in the way we provide care during the initial PED visit.

    General Emergency Department Overcrowding: What about the kids?

    We intend to compare flow and magnitude of overcrowding between adults and children, categorized by levels of acuity. We will also look at trends in the way the adults vs. children use the ED in terms of volume and acuity of visits and their outcomes in terms of whether they are admitted to the hospital or intensive care unit.

    Using the PRAM Score, how soon after treatment for asthma can a child be safely discharged home?

    Via retrospective chart review, the objective of this study is to describe the outcomes of children with asthma exacerbations who reached a PRAM score of <4 in the BCCH PED, with respect to their subsequent PRAM scores, ultimate disposition, and any return visits to the PED. The goal of the study is to be able to define a safe time for discharge home once a PRAM score of <4 is achieved.

    Mental Health and ED Overcrowding

    This study is looking at the impact of mental visits on measures of ED overcrowding via analysis of an administrative database. 

    Translating Emergency Knowledge for Kids (TREKK)

    TREKK is a network of researchers, clinicians, national organizations, and health consumers who share the same goal of improving emergency care for Canadian children.
    Selected Publications

    Doan Q, Shefrin A, Johnson D. Cost-effectiveness of metered-dose inhalers for asthma exacerbations in the pediatric emergency department. Pediatrics. 2011 May;127(5):e1105-11. Epub 2011 Apr 4. PMID: 21464192

    Q. Doan, V. Sabhaney, N.Kissoon, S. Sheps, J.Singer. The role and impact of the physician assistant in the Emergency Department: a systematic review. Emergency Medicine Australasia February 2011 23(1): 7-15. PMID: 21284809

    Stephen B. Freedman MDCM, MSc, Serge Gouin MDCM, Maala Bhatt MD, Karen JL Black MD, MSc, David Johnson MD, Chantal Guimont MD, PhD, Gary Joubert MD, Robert Porter MD, Quynh Doan MDCM, MHSc, Richard van Wylick MD, Suzanne Schuh MD, Eshetu Atenafu MSc, Mohamed Eltorky MD, Dennis Cho BHSc, Amy Plint MD, MSc, for Pediatric Emergency Research Canada (PERC). A Prospective Assessment of Practice Pattern Variation in the Treatment of Pediatric Gastroenteritis. Pediatrics. 127(2):e287‐95. 2011. PMID: 21262881

    Doan Q. Chan M, Leung V, Lee E, Kissoon N. The Impact of Implementing an Oral Rehydration Clinical Pathway in a Pediatric Emergency Department. Pediatrics and Child Health, October 2010, Volume 15 Issue 8: 503-507. PMID: 21966235

    Doan Q, Koehoorn M, Kissoon N. Body mass index and the risk of acute injury in adolescents. Pediatrics and Child Health, July-August 2010;15(6):351-356. PMID: 21731417

    Z.Li, Q.Doan, S.Dobson. Determinants of Influenza immunization uptake in Canadian youths. Vaccine 28 (2010) 3462-6, April 2010. PMID: 20199757

    Q.Doan, N.Kissoon, D.Johnson, P. Enarson, T. Klassen. Rapid viral diagnosis for acute febrile respiratory illness in children in the Emergency Department. A Cochrane Systematic Review. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2009, Issue 4. PMID: 19821366

    Q.Doan, N.Kissoon, S.Whitehouse, S.Dobson, D.Cochrane, B.Schmidt, E.Thomas. A Randomized controlled trial of the impact of early and rapid diagnosis of viral infections in children brought to the Emergency Department with febrile respiratory tract illnesses. Journal of pediatrics 154(1): Jan 2009. PMID: 18814887

    Doan, Q. Johnson, DW. Kissoon, N. Klassen, TP. Cochrane. Rapid viral diagnosis for acute febrile respiratory illness in children in the Emergency Department. Acute Respiratory Infections Group (PROTOCOL) Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. 2, 2008. PMID: 19821366

    Q.Doan and J.E. Carter. Ureteral Obstruction as a complication of Vertebral Osteomyelitis: A patient report. Clinical Pediatrics 41(9):727-9, 2002 Nov-Dec. PMID: 12462326

    Honours & Awards

    MSFHR Scholar Award - Project: "Emergency department overcrowding: Determinants, measures and pediatric outcomes," 2014.

    Canadian Pediatric Society first prize Fellow research award for "The impact of rapid viral diagnosis on Pediatric Emergency department management of acute respiratory infections: a Randomised Controlled Trial of physician decision making," June 2008.

    Laura Macrae Award for best subspecialty resident/fellow at BC Children's Hospital - This award is given to a fellow who has made significant achievements in clinical care, education and research during fellowship, June 2008.

    Society for Pediatric Research Clinical Fellow Research Award - In recognition of research achievement in Academic Pediatrics, May 2008.

    BC Children’s Hospital ED research Award, UBC - Development grant for: Oral Rehydration clinical pathway for gastroenterititis in the ED: Impact on length of visit and health care utilisation,” 2007.

    Child & Family Research Institute Subspecialty Research Achievement Award, UBC - Awarded for outstanding achievement in research during subspecialty training, June 2007.

    J.W. Mc Connell Award. McGill University - Awarded to an outstanding student who ranks in the top 5% of their faculties, 1994.

    Dean’s Honors List. McGill University, 1994.

    Prix d’Excellence F.R.S.Q. (Fond de la Recherche en Sante du Quebec) for “Behavioral Genetic Studies of Ethanol Sensitivity in Mice” - under supervision of Dr. Kathryn Gill, McGill Dept. of Psychiatry. McGill University, 1994.

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