• Mâsse, Louise C.


    Investigator, BC Children's Hospital
    Professor, School of Population and Public Health, University of British Columbia

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    Developmental Neurosciences and Child Health
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    4480 Oak Street
    Vancouver, BC  V5H 3V4

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    • Physical activity
    • Obesity prevention
    • Health promotion
    • Behaviour change
    • Familial interventions
    • Population health
    • Health policy interventions
    • Diffusion and dissemination of health interventions
    • Psychometrics
    • Questionnaire design

    My research focuses on understanding the determinants of behaviour change as it relates to physical activity and nutrition behaviours. Some of my earlier work has focused on physical activity measurement and in understanding the behavioural and psychosocial factors influencing human behaviours. My current research takes an integrative approach (i.e. ecological perspective) to understand environmental and behavioural influences on physical activity and nutritional behaviours.   

    My current research also focuses on understanding how we can disseminate and diffuse lifestyle modification interventions, to specifically understand the individual or structural influences on the uptake of “efficacious” lifestyle modification interventions in practice. In addition, my research looks at improving parenting practices to determine parental influences on children’s’ motivation to be active and eat a healthy diet.

    Finally as a psychometrician, I remain highly involved in projects that develop the methodology and measurement tools to evaluate the efficacy and effectiveness of health interventions both in my own area of interest as well as in other areas (e.g. HIV/AIDS, sexual behaviour, skin cancer, smoking).

    Current Projects
    Impact of transitioning to secondary schools on behaviours associated with obesity and academic-related outcomes: An ecological perspective
    Lack of physical activity, too much sedentary time, and poor dietary habits all contribute to unhealthy weight trajectories. Adolescence is a period when many unhealthy behaviours emerge or escalate; most notably these problems are exacerbated during the transition from elementary to secondary school. Our goal is to examine factors that influence adolescents’ physical activity, sedentary time, and dietary habits as they transition from elementary to secondary school. Using qualitative and quantitative methods (e.g., interviews, surveys, and direct measures), we will examine changes that occur in the school, household, and social settings during this transition to identify whether and how they influence adolescent behaviours. We will also determine how these health behaviours relate to academic performance. Our findings will provide new insights into how school, household, and social environments contribute to health behaviours during the transition to high school. In future, our data can be used to develop targeted programs to address these factors and encourage more positive behaviours at adolescence.

    Household environmental framework pertaining to childhood obesity: Improving our measures of the familial environment
    Although parenting practices are widely recognized as an important target for family-based intervention, our ability to understand the influence of the family is hampered by our ability to measure parenting practices. Researchers have developed different ways to measure parenting practices related to physical activity and nutrition; however no agreement has been reached in the scientific community. To remedy this situation this study engages the international scientific community in developing a common conceptual framework for assessing parenting practices related to physical activity and nutrition. This information will be used to standardize our measurement of parenting practices by developing a calibrated item bank. In addition, this work assesses the relationships among parenting practices, children’s behaviours, and children’s weight. Findings from this study provide the groundwork for future research aimed at understanding the influence of parenting practices.

    Individual and household environmental influences guiding the processes of changing obesogenic behaviours among overweight/obese adolescents and their families
    Obesity is a significant problem among industrialized nations, including Canada. In youth, as in adults, poor eating habits, lack of physical activity, and sedentary lifestyles can play an important role in the development of obesity. Changing these lifestyle behaviours is a first approach for the treatment of obesity among youth. We know that programs designed to change lifestyle behaviours have had some short-term success in managing obesity in youth. In addition, there is some evidence that these programs can be successfully delivered through the internet. However, these programs only work on youth that follow the program directions. This line of research looks at the reasons at the individual and family levels that can influence overweight or obese adolescents’ intention/motivation to change their “obesogenic” behaviours and the reasons why they chose to follow or ignore program directions. Findings from this line of research provide the needed information to improve the efficacy of lifestyle interventions.

    Evaluating the influence of nutrition and physical activity policies on the school environment, obesogenic behaviours and weight outcome 
    There is a strong consensus that school-based policy strategies may have the greatest impact on childhood obesity, since such an approach can reach the majority of youths. However, it is unknown whether obesity prevention-focused policies are fully implemented or implemented as intended and whether such policies translate into change in physical activity (PA), nutrition behaviours and overall weight (Body Mass Index (BMI)) among the target student population. In British Columbia (BC), a number of policy strategies to address childhood obesity have recently been enacted, including the BC Ministries of Health and Education Guidelines for Food and Beverage Sales (GFBS), and the BC Ministry of Education Daily Physical Activity (DPA) initiative.  The primary aims of this study are to evaluate the implementation of the GFBS policy and DPA initiative across BC and examine factors influencing their implementation. Our secondary aim is to examine the influence of school PA and nutrition policies on student PA and eating behaviours and overall weight (BMI). Findings from this research will inform other jurisdictions in Canada enacting or considering school-based policy strategies to improve students’ health.
    Selected Publications

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    Honours & Awards


    2011 Nominated for the 2011 Faculty of Medicine Distinguished Achievement Award for Excellence in Education

    2008 Leaders Opportunity Fund Award awarded by the Canada Foundation for Innovation

    2006-2011 Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Salary Award – Senior Scholar Award ($500,000)

    2006-2016 Child and Family Research Institute Salary Award – Level 2 Scientist ($900,000)

    2005 Group award for exemplary leadership in advancing the National Cancer Institute's commitment to understanding the science of energy balance and cancer and applying that understanding to reduce the cancer burden. National Institutes of Health Award of Merit 

    2004 Individual award for leadership on the National Cancer Institute scientific priorities and developing collaboration in the area of physical activity. National Institutes of Health Award of Merit

    2001-2006 Canadian Institutes of Health Research Salary Award – Tier 2 Canada Research Chair at the University of Ottawa - Award was declined for personal and professional reasons 

    1999 & 2001 Excellence in Scholarship Incentive Award for FY 1998 and 2000
    University of Texas-Houston - School of Public Health award

    1997 Outstanding Research Podium Presentation
    American Academy of Nurse Practitioners

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