The Global Health and Innovations Group brings together a range of researchers and clinicians dedicated to global health research and to rapidly adopt innovations in global health to our local context. 

Our members are committed to implementing the most effective interventions for improving the health of communities and often integrate advocacy, education and capacity building efforts in local and global contexts. 

Our goal is to deliver the best possible care and outcomes for mothers and children around the world.

Smart Discharges

The Center for International Child Health has developed Smart Discharges to help children stay healthy after they leave the hospital to return home following a severe infection.

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Pediatric Sepsis Data CoLab

The Pediatric Sepsis Data CoLaboratory (Sepsis CoLab) is a new international data-sharing network for collaboration to address pediatric sepsis mortality and morbidity.

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Pocket Doc for Pneumonia

Pocket Doc for Pneumonia is a low-cost smartphone tool that uses a light-weight sensor and a data-driven app to assess a child’s vital signs and overall condition, deliver an accurate diagnosis and recommend inexpensive, life-saving treatments such as antibiotics, oxygen and fluids.

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